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Saturday, September 24, 2011


“Something” is deeply wrong when the NPD is more successful than the FDP’


It was the fifth time in six state elections this year that Merkel’s CDU has lost support. For the FDP, which scored just 2.7 percent of the vote, this was the fourth time this year the party was booted out of a state legislature. However, even the neo-Nazi NPD managed to win seats by winning six percent of poll marred by low voter turnout.

Voters appear to be worried by Merkel’s management of the eurozone debt crisis and angry at internal squabbling within her coalition. According to an opinion poll released last week, four out of five Germans fear the current financial crisis will get worse and a large majority do not believe Merkel can do anything about it.

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Monday, July 25, 2011


Beware Leftists and Political Correctness Zealots use of the Norway shootings

Rodney Martin

World View Foundations

History has shown that the Left and the champions of political correctness are not shy in using tragedy as a vehicle to push their agenda of political correctness. The shootings in Norway by rightwing Zionist Anders Breivik is proving to be no exception. As with the bombing of the Oklahoma City Federal Building, the leftist minions are out in force with all their code words and call for action. Highlighting such terms as “Right wing extremists”, “Nationalism”, and of course making great attempts to paint anyone opposed to “multiculturalism” as an extremist, if not terrorist.

In truth what we are seeing is merely the left and their theory of multiculturalism failing to pass the test of intellectual honesty. The left and the stooges of multiculturalism have been in retreat, politically as more and more European leaders have finally realized that destructive result of multiculturalism on their Nations, People, and most importantly, Culture.

The leftists will have a very hard time painting those who criticize multiculturalism as a “Rightwing Extremist”, since 2005, the following European Leaders and media have made highly critical statements declaring multiculturalism as an abject failure in their respective Nations:

German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Germany’s attempt to create a multicultural society has “utterly failed,” Chancellor Angela Merkel said…….. This (multicultural) approach has failed, utterly failed,” Merkel said

French President Nicolas Sarkozy

“We have been too concerned about the identity of the person who was arriving and not enough about the identity of the country that was receiving him,” Sarkozy said.

British Prime Minister David Cameron

Prime Minister David Cameron criticized his country’s longstanding policy of multiculturalism, saying it was an outright failure and partly to blame for fostering Islamist extremism….He said the U. K. needs a stronger national identity to prevent people turning to extremism.

Former Australia Prime Minister John Howard

“The blunt-talking conservative, who led Australia for 11 years before losing 2007 elections, said Tuesday on a visit to Washington that the “Anglosphere” needed to take greater pride in its values and achievements. This is a time not to apologize for our particular identity but rather to firmly and respectfully and robustly reassert it,”

Former Spanish Prime Minister Jose Marie Anzar

“We must recover our principles, the deepest roots of Europe-for example, our Christian roots, our own cultural beliefs, setting aside the enormous error of multiculturalism.” Adapted from a speech delivered on October 24, 2005, at the Casa Fuster Hotel in Barcelona.

Joesf Joffe

Mr. Joffe is editor of Die Zeit and senior fellow of the Institute for International Studies and Abramowitz Fellow of the Hoover Institution, both at Stanford.

‘Multiculturalism Has Failed….Immigration is a fact of Western life. But “Multikulti,” as the Germans call it, is a dream that failed”

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Political Correctness & Self Loathing infects Bayreuth
The Bayreuth Clan

Nike Wagner on Her Family’s Past
In an interview with SPIEGEL, Nike Wagner talks about her ancestors Franz Liszt and Richard Wagner, her family’s friendship with Adolf Hitler, and Chancellor Angela Merkel’s one-sided taste in opera.,1518,775814,00.html

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Appearance on ‘The Heretics’ Hour
The Heretics’ Hour: Monday, July 25, 8 p.m. Central U.S. time; Voice of Reason Network: Rodney Martin will again be the guest to discuss the outrageous and violent acts against our people during the past week.
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My own Königsberg

This Group is community for people who love this old city. Here you can see…
This Group is community for people who love this old city. Here you can see photos, videos and information about Königsberg (East Prussia). Watch, comment, enjoy, upload yours and share!
My own Königsberg
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Friday, July 22, 2011

Mysterious Underground Chambers in Baveria

07/22/2011 04:48 PM

Hideouts or Sacred Spaces?

Experts Baffled by Mysterious Underground Chambers

By Matthias Schulz

There are more than 700 curious tunnel networks in Bavaria, but their purpose remains a mystery. Were they built as graves for the souls of the dead, as ritual spaces or as hideaways from marauding bandits? Archeologists are now exploring the subterranean vaults to unravel their secrets.,1518,775348,00.html

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Letter to the editor
Re: Preventing Neo-Nazi Pilgrimages: Town Removes Grave of Hitler Deputy Hess
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All Rights Reserved
Reproduction only allowed with the permission of SPIEGELnet GmbH
Letter to the EditorSubmitted to Der Spiegel OnlineRe: Desecration of Rudolf Hess Grave

I find significant intellectual dishonesty and immorality regarding this capricious, bizarre and morbid action, a clear abuse under color of authority. How many more “uncomfortable graves” will be purged? Will Germany now have “Knights of the Long Graves” resulting in a surplus of new burial plots? After 24 years and legal action forbidding the uncomfortable gatherings that a democracy is supposed to embrace, the body is removed from its place of final rest with his wife and parents, or were they too, so rudely dug up and flushed into a body of water? What happened to the fundamental principal that the prisoner of paid his debt, did indeed pay his debt and should be allowed to rest in peace, this action does not speak well for human dignity, humanity, or to the Lutherans-Christian forgiveness. For a modern so called “Western Democracy” to engage in grave desecration 24 years after the death of the person in an attempt to stifle free expression ranks with the innovations of the Dark Ages, Inquisitions, and of course the exhumation and posthumous execution of Oliver Cromwell. How this speaks for today’s Germany and the progress it has made since Year One.

Rodney MartinCaliforniaUSA
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Thursday, July 21, 2011

So goes a Nation’s Military…So goes the Nation
Official: Pentagon set to certify repeal of ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’

From Chris Lawrence, CNN Pentagon Correspondent

CNN) — The Pentagon is set to certify that the U.S. military is prepared to accept openly gay and lesbian service members, and doing so will not harm military readiness, a U.S. official told CNN on Thursday.
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Appearance on Heretics Hour-Voice of Reason Radio
World View Foundations Director will appear on the Heretics Hour with Carolyn Yeager on Monday evening July 25th at 8PM Central Time.

Topics will include recent events in Germany-The Hess grave disgrace and the continued targeting of ethnic Germans who resist multicultural destruction of their ethnic identity and traditions.

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Would Adolf Hitler would be thrilled?
Europe Begs Germany: Please Rescue Us!
July 21, 2011 | From
The survival of Europe as a united entity now depends solely on Germany.Adolf Hitler would be thrilled, and maybe a little jealous, by what is unfolding in Europe.
He’d be thrilled because his belief that Germany was “destined” to lead a united Europe is currently being realized. But he’d have a touch of envy too, if he saw how effortlessly the nations of Europe are lining up at Germany’s feet

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Graphic: Europe’s Right Turn — brown indicates presence of a right-wing populist party in parliament

President Paul von Hindenburg (1847-1934)


World View Foundations has pledged an initial $500.00 toward the development of a Trust account that will pay St. Elisabeth’s Church a monthly stipend to offset the Church’s cost for the lighting of the Paul and Gertrude von Hindenburg’s tomb.

General Field Marshal Paul von Hindenburg’s contribution is unparalleled in modern Western Civilization when one considers the span and length of his service and experience. Few people in history

Born in 1847 into a distinguished Prussian family, Paul von Hindenburg was a direct descendent of Martin Luther the great Protestant Theologian. Paul von Hindenburg attended the Prussian Military Academy and went on to fight in the Austro-Prussian War of 1866 and the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-71. Paul von Hindenburg was present at the Palace of Versailles after Prussia’s victory over France when the Empire of German, II Reich was formally proclaimed and Wilhelm I was proclaimed Kaiser; von Hindenburg would later serve as a Guard of Honor in Kaiser Wilhelm I’s funeral. He married his wife Gertrude in 1880 and together they had three children.

Hindenburg retired from the German Army in 1911 as a ColonelGeneral, but was recalled to service in World War I. He became a national hero due to his victories on the Eastern Front at Tannenberg, Masurian Lakes, Lodz, and the Gorlice-Tarnow Offensive. All victories against numerically superior Russian forces. Hindenburg, along with Erich Ludendorff eventually served as the Supreme Command under Kaiser Wilhelm II until the end of the war in 1918.

In 1925, Hindenburg was elected Germany’s second President. As President, von Hindenburg was staunchly traditional, and made international headlines by defending Germany’s conduct in World War I. During his term in office, von Hindenburg was faced with severe economic conditions caused by sever and repressive terms imposed on Germany after World War I which were contrary to those originally represented by U.S. President Woodrow Wilson.

Despite the harsh economic conditions as well as a near civil war type street atmosphere fostered by the communists attempt to take over Germany, the German people viewed von Hindenburg as a link to their past and traditions of their past. In 1932 he was re-elected President, at the age of 84, within a matter of months of his re-election, he appointed Adolf Hitler Chancellor of Germany as a result of the NSDAP becoming the largest national political party in the Reichstag. Hindenburg sanctioned many of the new government’s measures that ended the chaos that had plagued German society since 1918.

Paul von Hindenburg passed away at the age of 86 from lung cancer at his East Prussian Estate in August of 1934. His wife Gertrude of 50 years had preceded him in death in 1921. Both GeneralField Marshal von Hindenburg and his wife were interred in a very elaborate tomb in the Tannenberg War Memorial. Toward the end of World War II in 1945, as Soviet Red Army troops advanced into Germany, Adolf Hitler ordered the von Hindenburg’s bodies removed to avoid desecration, the Soviets in their advance across Eastern Europe had desecrated graves of German historical figures. Initially the bodies were stored in a underground Salt Mine along with those of Frederick the Great and other German historical figures, until they were discovered after the collapse of Germany in the World War II by American troops. After the war, the bodies of Frederick the Great and others were reburied in fitting places such as Potsdam, but the von Hindenburg’s were reburied in a tomb in St. Elisabeth’s Church in Marburg. The tomb is very respectful, yet unfitting a person of von Hindenburg’s stature in German history and for years a light shined on the tombs of Paul von Hindenburg and his wife.

von Hindenburg Tomb in Marburg
It was reported in the late 2006 that Church Leaders had voted to turn the lite off due to costs. Recently Church Leaders voted to keep the light off.
This is akin to turning off the Eternal Flame on the grave of John F. Kennedy. The cost of operating a low wattage light or the purchase and operation of a Compact fluorescent light bulb is negligible.

Given the contributions of Paul von Hindenburg and his uniqueness in history, World View Foundations proposes to establish a fund to address St. Elisabeth Churches cost concern over the lighting of the tombs of Paul and Gertrude von Hindenburg, Field Marshall and President of the Reich.

World View Foundations has sent a letter (electronically) to St. Elisabeth’s Church in Marburg, in both English and German proposing to sponsor the relighting of the von Hindenburg’s tomb. We hope the reason given for the shuttering the light was merely a matter of cost, which we propose to cure.

World View Foundations has pledged an initial $500.00 toward the development of a Trust account that will pay St. Elisabeth’s Church a monthly stipend to offset the Church’s cost for the lighting of the Paul and Gertrude von Hindenburg’s tomb. The Trust account will be established at a U.S. Bank and will make automatic payments.

Those who are interested in supporting this endeavor may contact World View Foundations via email at

“No people live longer than the documentation of their culture.”
Werner von Braun in his NASA Office


Rodney Martin, World View Foundations

Another remake is coming to American theaters this weekend; Captain America will make its way into the hearts in minds of another generation of timid minds as he defeats those evil Germans/Nazis, just like Indiana Jones and Inglorious Bastards before him. How I yearn for a Superhero that takes on the injustices of the Soviets, of course Hollywood would never see fit to cast their ideal system in a bad light or see their “Uncle Joe” cast in anything other than a benevolent light, of course real history proves the opposite is the case.
The story that Hollywood will never tell, OR MOVIE THEY WILL NEVER MAKE, is contrary to the Captain America fables they tell and other fantasy stories. When the United States was in the depths of defeat in the Space Race, it turned to none other than Germans, German Expertise, and German technology turned out to be the basis for America’s Rocket technology which ultimately defeated the Soviet Union in the Space Race and put the first man on the moon. Interestingly Hollywood leftists were cheering the Soviets at the time when they were ahead of the United States, this soon changed when a real Captain America came on the scene.
So who is the REAL CAPTAIN AMERICA………..?
von Braun w/ German High Command-including Grand Admiral Doenitz
Wernher von Braun became the leading figure in the development of rocket technology in National Socialist Germany then in and in the United States.
In 1937, von Braun joined the National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP), von Braun was also a member of the Waffen-SS horseback riding school from 1933 and was commissioned a Sturmbannführer and maintained these memberships until the end of the war, and both Organizations were banned after 1945.
Von Braun was working on his Graduate School doctorate when the National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP) came to power as part of a coalition government in Germany in January of 1933; rocketry immediately became part of the national agenda. Then Reichswehr, later Wehrmacht Artillery Captain, Walter Dornberger , arranged for Ordnance Department Research and Development funds for von Braun, who went to work next to Dornberger’s solid-fuel rocket test site at Kummersdorf.
von Braun with President Kennedy
Wernher von Braun was awarded a doctorate in physics in1934 from the University of Berlin. His thesis was titled; “About Combustion Tests” This thesis was only the public portion of his work. His full thesis, “Construction, Theoretical, and Experimental Solution to the Problem of the Liquid Propellant Rocket”, was kept classified by the army. It was actually not published until 1960, some fifteen years after the end of World War II. By the end of 1934, von Braun’s work group had successfully launched two rockets that rose to heights of 2.2 and 3.5 kilometers.
During World War II, von Braun was responsible for Germany’s advanced rocket development program. Von Braun major achievement was the design of the first ever ballistic missile, the V-2 combat rocket which was launched by Germany in 1944 during World War II.
von Braun & the V-@ the Worlds first Ballistic Missile
After the end of World War II, he and key members of his rocket staff were taken to the United States as part of Operation Paperclip, the American operation to gather key German scientists for use in the United States before they could be captured by the Soviets. In 1957, the Soviets were clearly ahead of the United States in Rocket and Space development with its launch of Sputnik 1, the first operational Satellite. United States officials in late 1957 made the decision to employ von Braun and his German work team’s expertise with missiles and tasked them to create the United States first launch able operational orbital vehicle. Interestingly, Werner von Braun had volunteered to do so three years earlier in 1954 but had been turned down. Wernher von Braun became an American Citizen in 1955.
Wernher von Braun went on to develop the America’s Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile (IRBM) program, after which his work group was made part NASA, where he served as director of the Marshall Space Center. Wernher von Braun also served as Chief Architect of the Saturn V Super booster that propelled the Apollo spacecraft to the Moon.
Plaque Ceremony-U.S. Senators and other Officials in attendance
Wernher von Braun’s greatest achievement was his leadership in the development of the Saturn V booster rocket that made possible the landing of the first men on the Moon in 1969. Werner von Braun received the National Medal of Science in 1975 and passed away in 1977 of cancer.
In addition to the National Medal of Science from the United States, von Braun was the recipient from Germany of the Knights Cross of the War Merit Cross (1944)
and War Merit Cross First Class with Swords (1943).
NASA colleges say of von Braun, “he is without doubt, the greatest rocket scientist in history.”
Given his contributions to America and Western Civilization, Wernher von Braun should be recalled as a true “Captain America”

“Cultural Genocide- What was Germany, A Case Study”


By Rodney Martin, World View Foundations

Germany ceased to exist on May 7, 1945. Today, in what is called Germany, they refer to May 7, 1945 as “Year 1”. This is for good reason. From May 7, 1945 until 1955, there was a 10 year intensive Cultural Genocide, which of course was a follow up to the physical genocide of Allied Air Raids. Between the Re-Education, strict regimentation of what could be read, sung, thought and most importantly “remembered”and the ethnic cleansing, forced relocation of East Prussians, Silesians, and Pomeranians into “Non Native” Regions of Germany, such as Bavaria, the Nation that was Germany ended. In the Western Occupation Zones, however the Cultural Genocide of Germany was actually more brutal than in the Soviet Zone, while that may sound astounding, one need only look at the cultural differences beyond Communism and Capitalism of the former GDR residents upon “integration” into the hyper Western-Capitalist United Germany.

What we see in lands that are called Germany today are a Nation of people whose only connection to the real Germany of pre-May 7, 1945 is DNA, and that is rapidly fading away. The 10 years of intense and brutal cultural Reeducation resulted in a Nation that shed its self identity, self respect, all prior Cultural Traditions and adopted those of their victors, in reality they allowed those Cultural Norms and new Traditions to be imposed upon them. Nothing they do to their own people who seek to investigate or renew their true traditions should surprise us, the real Germans are foreigners in their own land.



Rudolf Hess’ grave-before & after descration
Rudolf Hess, shortly before his murder in Spandau Prison
The desecration of Rudolf Hess’ grave show both despicable and desperate actions

The dis-internment (desecration) of Rudolf Hess’ grave, some 24 years after his death, fulfillment of his immoral sentence at Nuremberg, clearly demonstrates the lengths a desperate and and despicable politically correct and thought enforcement system will go to stifle any correction of the record.

Using a shame basis of “not renewing a lease”, “authorities in collaboration with clergy (yet another example of the Church sacrificing doctrine for political correctness) dug up Rudolf Hess’s remains, cremating them and disposing them “at sea”. By doing so, these “Authorities” once again demonstrated that they lack any moral standing and took an action in conformity as the Soviet occupiers when they desecrated graves (ranging from the 1700’s) of Germans in Eastern Germany (lands now occupied by Poland and Russia.

These petty actions will not serve in the long run to accomplish their stated goal of ending a “pilgrimage grave”, but instead will energize those real Nationalists to confront their foreign imposed system with more energy and zeal.

The fundamental question that has been ignored by the so called Federal Republic of Germany which describes itself as a “Democracy” and committed to “humanity” and “dignity”, is the fundamental tenant of the prisoner having paid his price, as much as an injustice as it was, and his right to rest in peace. Why, after 24 years was there a need for this deplorable action, according to their own statements, they put in place a “Ban” in 2005 on “pilgrimages” to the Hess grave site, so why the need to, yet again punish Herr Hess, 24 years after his death? What was Hess’ crime, his final statement made to the Nuremberg jackals…….

East Prussia is the main part of the region of Prussia along the southeastern Baltic Coast from the 13th century to the end of World War II in May 1945. From 1772 to 1829 and 1878to 1945, the Province of East Prussia was part of the German state of Prussia. The capital city was Konigsberg. After World War II Germans lost war and Soviet Union and Poland occupied East Prussia and they destroyed all citys,culture,language, its people ethnically cleansed. The Petition calls for East Prussia, today’s (Kallingrad Oblast) to be returned to Germanany or it become a free state.

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