Common immigration mistakes to avoid

When you apply for immigration, there are certain mistakes most applicants make, which can be avoided. The mistakes can in some instances cause a lot of trouble at the end. For instance, you may find yourself unable to reunite with the family, lose your application fees, and even being deported back to your country of origin. Therefore, utmost care ought to be taken to avoid mistakes detailed below:

Providing incorrect information

When you apply for immigration benefits, you are required to provide correct information. From the point of making your application online, ensure you only give the right information. Misrepresenting facts or fraudulent information should be avoided.


Late responses

If Immigration Services Department requires some extra information, ensure you provide only correct information. You may be required to provide additional information from time to time. For instance, if you are provided with Request for Evidence, you need to reply with adequate documentation within the required deadline. Missing the deadline or ignoring RFE can result in denial of your application.

Court hearings and immigration interviews

Attending interviews as scheduled by the Department of Immigration or court hearings is quite important. Moreover, ignoring court hearings and interviews can result in your application being rejected.

Filing application without fee

Immigration forms such as USCIS forms have a processing fee. However, a fee waiver is available for the majority of the forms. If you cannot afford to pay the fees, you should send an application with a request for the fee waiver. In fact, the Department of Immigration cannot process your application if it does not have the fees or a fee waiver request.

Sending your application to wrong offices

The application forms have an instruction form attached. Ensure you read it carefully. The instruction form provides the address that the application form is sent to. Ensure you send it to the required address to avoid delays. Remember that not every person who applies for immigration is successful. This is because some applicants do not meet the set criteria for the immigration benefits. Just because your relatives and friends were successful is not a guarantee that you will also become successful. In fact, each applicant is evaluated and not every person that applies is eligible.

It is advisable to read the instruction forms about the eligibility criteria. It is a common mistake made by many people to apply for an immigration benefit that they do not qualify for.