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"Rockin' the Music World" with Robert Lloyd

Welcome to "Rockin' the Music World." This show is about all types of great music in the world and how it affects us, good or bad. When referring to music, subject matter will be about the beautiful compositions and the history of how they came about. The show will have biographies of the greats such as Beethoven, Pachelbel, Strauss, and Tchaikovsky, along with modern composers including the 'rockers' such as The Beatles (yes, including them too!) and the musicians of our era and how they stand up to review.

VERY IMPORTANT: Artists on the political right have been blackballed from this modern music industry. Our culture of beauty has been replaced with ugliness, coarseness, obscenity, and non-congruent noise, that has been packaged as 'music'... gradually destroying who we are. This show will start to reconstruct a community for our people to promote its natural and profound beauty. It will be a cultural home for 'our' artists, and for the connoisseurs of our musical heritage. We will encourage our musicians to submit their compositions for selection that we will share with our listeners.

With the above in mind, our show will also tackle problems in the music business such as WHO owns the record labels and who controls the purse strings. We will also delve into subjects such as the Christian contemporary music scene (nothing is too controversial for this show) and discuss the upheaval it has caused in the Christian community. You'll get the facts and nothing but the facts. And you will certainly get the opinion of your host, Robert Lloyd... good or bad.

Who is Robert Lloyd?

Robert is a lifelong composer, lyricist, musician, singer, and producer. He is a former professional musician who left the music scene in disgust while cursing God for giving him the talent, but not allowing him to be more of a commercial success. Interestingly (or stupidly), during this time of 'blaming God' he claimed to be an atheist. Go figure. Robert has written 1000's of songs and loves doing it. He even enjoys CO-writing with other lyricists at times (maybe to keep him out of trouble?). He writes rock-n-roll, country, Christian, Christian contemporary, classical, commercials and jingles, and politically motivated songs that can be totally outrageous. Anything with a melody, and he's in. Oh yeah, he writes plays and musicals also. His mother thinks he's great! Is there anything this guy can't do?

He grew up in the mid-west but has lived in Florida for so long now, that he almost considers himself a cracker. He is a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and a past Vice-Chairman of the Florida League of the South. The League is an organization devoted to the rebirth of Dixie and renewal of the culture that once made us great. They are NOT fence-sitters or compromisers of true history of the South and of the world in general. Robert loves the League!

Robert is a Baptist and is considered at times a hardline Christian fundamentalist. Robert is married to the love of his life, and both are of German and Scottish/English ancestry. He has a grown daughter from a previous marriage, and she is of mixed race, her mother being Korean-American. He has explained to his daughter (who he raised as a single dad) that had he known 25 years ago what he knows now, she would be 100% White or 100% Korean. She also knows that no father alive loves his daughter more than her daddy loves her.



September 16, 2013

Bad Company - Good White Guys 

Robert Lloyd discusses the life and times of one of the great mid 70s rock bands 'Bad Company'... Bad Company, led by vocalist and songwriter Paul Rodgers, was one of the important rock bands that 'saved' the music world from disco. They were the right band at the right time and much needed. Robert will be discussing: (1) The formation coming from several members of the band Free. (2) Getting a break when Lead Zeppelin's manager Peter Grant agreed to help the band and get them signed to Swan Song Records. (3) Touring the world in front of some of the biggest concert crowds of the time. (4) Listing and playing hit after hit after hit... the history books do not properly credit the important and magnitude of the band. (5) The very unusual breaking up the band at their very zenith for family reasons. Enjoy the show. 



September 9, 2013

Mel Gibson 'Anti-Semitic and Racist'

This is a big story and a story fraught with accusations of anti-Semitism, racism, bigotry, and all the good stuff! (grin)... Yes, this is the true story of actor Mel Gibson and his life full of highs and lows and international intrigue. His father Hutton, disgusted in the United States involvement in Vietnam, moved his family and 12 year old Mel to Australia and Mel started his acting career there 'down under'... Robert Lloyd loves this guy and he will be talking about the music in his movies and: (1) His start in Australia... (2) His early success and having a large family that he loves. (3) Super success eventually back firing and causing a divorce. (4) The controversy of making the movie â??The Passion of the Christâ??... (5) His drinking and arrests and making anti-Semitic and racial remarks... (6) His apologies and screaming profanities at a girlfriend that was recorded and played around the world. Enjoy this amazing story



September 1, 2013

Bon Jovi

This week we have a rocker! Robert Lloyd brings you the life and times of one of the all time biggest selling American rock bands, Bon Jovi. The young man, Jon Bon Jovi, wanted to have a rock band and boy oh boy, did he get one. When new friend Richie Sambora, walked in their practice, he immediately energized their sound and the were on there way. You will hear of:
(1) A young man at 13 learning the guitar and piano and starting a local band.
(2) Working in a studio at a radio station and impressing the other employees and helping them with recording for the station.
(3) How did he convince a real professional drummer to join and why?
(4) Did Jon marry or just have his girlfriends like most rock stars?
(5) Who did Sambora marry and is she as famous as he?
We hope you will love this story and the music.



August 25, 2013

Paul Revere and the Raiders
Welcome to this week's show Rockin' the Music World with Robert Lloyd. This week is a super rockin' group called Paul Revere and the Raiders and they were great in their time back in the 60s and early 70s. They had some of the catchiest tunes and the played them while entertaining kids everywhere. Robert will cover:

(1) Where did it all begin?
(2) Didn't Paul Revere ride a horse in New England?
(3) Who is the guy with the ponytail and why did he wear that style?
(4) There was a guitar player named Fang?
(5) Are they in the Music Hall of Fame?
(6) Did they actually dance while they played their guitars?



August 18, 2013

Fleetwood Mac - a tale of talent and beauty.

This is a good one for this week as Robert Lloyd brings us the true story of one of the sexiest and talented bands ever in the history of music. This group was formed early on as a blues band and yet with a few personnel changes came an explosion that took the music world for all it's got. We ask:

(1) Who is Peter Green and why all the fuss in starting a blues band?
(2) Where did the name Fleetwood Mac come from and why?
(3) Did you ever hear of a drummer 6'7" tall? You have now.
(4) The talented Christine Perfect shows up one day in the studio.
(5) Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks enter with a historical bang!
(6) Does this band escape the drugs and turmoil of rock and roll?

Their beautiful music will be heard.



August 12, 2013

Pink Floyd - Anti-Semetic Rock

Robert Lloyd takes you into the domain of a group that has sold over 250 million records! They have a cult like following and their fans love their live shows like no others. They have had personnel changes, leadership changes, management changes, and even their music evols with each group's chemistry. (1) Where did the group start? (2) Who were the original members? (3) What is with the big instrumental breaks? (4) Are they still performing and where? (5) Are they anti-Semitic, and if so, why? Enjoy the show.



August 4, 2013

George Straight -Great White Country

Robert Lloyd 'sneaks' into the private life of one of the greats of country music, Mr George Straight. This modest family man keeps a balance in life for both career and family. He grew up in Texas and worked the ranch with his father. Listening to music other than country growing up, he eventually steered himself to country when he started playing in bands. Issues to talk about: (1) His mom and dad's divorce and George staying with his father. (2) Learning the ropes in music and paying his dues. (3) A conservative Baptist upbringing and refusal to talk politics publicly. (4) He 'eloped' in 1971 with his wife Norma. (5) The tragedy of losing his teenaged daughter in an auto accident. (6) Starring in the movie 'Pure Country' and having it becoming his biggest selling album of his illustrious career. We hope you enjoy this show



July 29, 2013
The Andrews Sisters 'Boogie woogie and talented!'

This week we have one of the first big women's group ever and what a group they were! They made one of the greatest, if not THE greatest music video of all time. Here is a YouTube link to the Andrews Sisters singing and performing the song "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B"... WOW!
Robert Lloyd loves this group and he will cover:

(1) The parents supporting them as small children in Minneapolis.
(2) Winning talent contests with little sister Patty leading the way.
(3) Trying, without luck, to make it in New York City.
(4) But trying again (against their parents wishes) but getting lucky this time.
(5) Teaming up with Bing Crosby for many hits and appearances on TV.
(6) Becoming one of the all time biggest recording artists with over 75 million record sales.

Enjoy this show that really moves along at a fast pace to match their music.



July 22, 2013

The Militia Movement (and its music)

Here is a story of stories and Robert Lloyd knows his militia movement! The week Robert talks of his involvement in the militia movement starting back in the 1990's when he was part of the movement in various capacities and then of course with his music. We will cover various elements and tragedies:

(1) The early movement with the likes of Gordon Kahl and the Posse Comitatus.
(2) Rube Ridge and the Randy Weaver family.
(3) WACO massacre by the government and the suffering of our children that were there.
(4) Why did Robert and others like him (just family guys and girls) become involved?
(5) The grand-daddy of all militias, the Michigan Militia, is reviewed along with their founder Norman Olson, and covers the meeting Robert had with them in 1996.
(6) Other resistance musicians such a Carl Klang and Steve Vaus are noted and their music is presented.

This should be one fantastic show that everyone should enjoy.



 July 16, 2013

The Who 'The Kids Are Alright'

This week Robert Lloyd gives us the incredible story of maybe the world's Greatest Rock and Roll Band, The Who! Yes, Roger Daltry and the bad boys of rock. We'll hear some of their best music and hits and learn about how they started. Included in this story will be WHY they started breaking guitars and drums and amplifiers on stage. Also: (1) Did you know Roger Daltry was their first lead guitarist? (2) Roger liked to punch other band mates when he didn't get his way. (3) How did Keith Moon decide he was going to be a member? (4) Is one of the members actually a homosexual? (5) How many are still alive, if at all? We hope you enjoy the show.



 July 9,2013

Bruce Hornsby - 'A True Piano Man'

This week Robert Lloyd brings us the life of Bruce Hornsby. Bruce comes from an educated family in Williamsburg, Virginia. Growing up a typical youngster, though exceptionally talented, he played basketball for his high school team and to this day is a fan of sports in general. We will hear: (1) His musical family and a father who was a real estate attorney. (2) Playing with his brother in a rock and roll band and learning the trade. (3) Moving to Los Angeles and actually writing for the movie industry and then leaving. (4) Starting his band 'The Range' and becoming successful. (5) Losing a family member tragically that was part of his recording entity. (6) Playing with the Grateful Dead? The man can play the piano and is a wonderful writer.



 June 29, 2013

Roy Orbison 'One of the Nice Guys'

This week Robert Lloyd brings to the world the story of one of the nice guys in music, Mr Roy Orbison. This is a Texas boy and was a shy young man, and shy to a fault! In his early career as a singer, no one thought of him as a great singer, and even a weak singer. Then things changed! He learned how to project himself in his recordings to the disbelief of many people. Enjoy the show about this magnificent talen



 June 22, 2013

Andre Rieu 'A More Beautiful World'

This week on Rockin' the Music World, Robert Lloyd brings us into the beautiful world of Andre Rieu and the Johann Strauss Orchestra. Never before in this modern age of metal mania, gangsta rap, canned country, or pop fluff, has there been anything such as what is presented in the concerts by Rieu (pronounced RE-YOU') and talented musicians that travel the world with him. This show will cover: (1) The son of a Dutch conductor and growing up in classical music. (2) Starting violin lessons at 5 years of age and progressing rapidly while attending school as a boy and then in advanced music conservatories. (3) Watching classical symphony concerts and noticing the 'sombre' atmosphere that he thought should not be. (4) Starting his own orchestra in 1987 with only 12 musicians... eventually 150 (5) Having his wife by his side and both working together. (6) Overcoming criticism for bringing showmanship and a 'rock star' persona, into the stuffy world of classical music.



 June 15, 2013

Jimmy Buffett 'Wasting away in Margaritaville'

This week on Rockin' the Music World, Robert Lloyd portrays the life and somewhat fun times of singer-songwriter Jimmy Buffett. This man is not only a fine singer and artist, but he is a world class businessman that earns over 100 million dollars per year!
But everything isn't as it seems to the 'Parrotheads' that travel the world waiting for the next concert, similar in fashion to the Grateful Dead's Deadheads. The program covers:

(1) Growing up in Alabama and finally learning the guitar in college.
(2) Busking in New Orleans and going to Key West and discovering the laid back style of music he will become famous for.
(3) Befriending Jim Croce and Jerry Jeff Walker and becoming a Nashville artist with limited success.
(4) Having an initial success with the song 'Come Monday' but finding the secret with the release of 'Margaritaville' and forever pulling fans into his concerts.
(5) Branching out as a best selling writer of books about his life and even children's books.
(6) Becoming somewhat controversial with accusations of drugs and abhorrent behavior in public.



 June 8, 2013

Captain Kangaroo (A man among kids)

This week on Rockin' the Music World, Robert Lloyd brings to us the finest of our children's show hosts, Bob Keeshan, the man that was Captain Kangaroo. He started in broadcasting and early television when their were no track records to learn from. He was in local television and then with Buffalo Bob of Howdy Doody fame, playing Clarabell the Clown. But then he was approached to create something for children for CBS and the rest is history. Here are some things we'll learn of:

1) Our captain was actually a US Marine enlisting towards the end of WW2.
2) Playing a clown that never talked?
3) Developing what becomes the longest running show on commercial TV.
4) Having health problems as his show began to have less influence on the network.
5) As he grew tired of CBS changing times and length of the show, he finally refused to lower his standards and quit.
6) His tireless campaigns to give quality children's shows in America.



 June 1, 2013

'Heart' (Ooooh, Barracuda)

The Rock group 'Heart' is this weeks story on Rockin' the Music World with Robert Lloyd. Never in the history of rock-n-roll has there been such a talented woman with the voice and writing ability of Ann Wilson. Put her with the dynamic lead guitarist Roger Fisher and they had the making of a super group like none other. Discussions include:

(1) The early forming of a band without any 'girls' or any thought that it might be a good idea.
(2) In walks Ann Wilson, and her voice is so piercing and yet at times so sweet.
(3) Romance starts between the members in the group. The Fishers and the Wilsons create the force that push the band forward.
(4) Romantic ties then start falling apart and thus the band weakens and almost breaks up.
(5) Without the talent of Roger Fisher, the band moves towards a simpler pop sound. It sells even more Albums, but critics say they may have lost their edge.



 May 25, 2013

George Jones (Greatest White Singer)

Robert has a show here this week that will warm the hearts of all country music fans. Our audience will learn of the outrageous antics and life of country music legend, George Jones. He wasn't a choir boy, but he never quit in his quest for acceptance and success in his chosen field of music.

We will hear some great music and talk about:

1) His early life in east Texas and being the son of a alcoholic.
2) Getting married foolishly early on and even joining the service for a while.
3) Finding some success as a songwriter and eventually becoming known for his style of singing that is very different than most other singers in country music.
4) He was the master of self-destruction with his alcohol and drug use and earning the tag as 'No Show Jones' when he would not show for concerts whenever he got into a drunken stupor (which was often).
5) Finally, finding the right woman and turning his life around and thus becoming one of the most beloved country artist of all time.
6) Robert dedicates one of his songs to George at the end of the show.

Enjoy and hang on tight as this story is one to remember.




 May 17, 2013
NASCAR (Tradin' Paint And Tappin' Bumpers)

The week is a celebration of the great White motor sports racing called 'NASCAR'!!!! Nothing in the world is quite like it and it is truly a White man's domain. Robert takes you back in history and shows where the sport originated (you might be surprised), who was behind the founding of the sport, and the colorful personalities that gave us such entertainment.

Robert will talk about:
(1) The confederate (what?) issues that pushed our people into ulterior forms of employment.
(2) The man behind the scenes that organized the sport to allow its super growth.
(3) Robert adds his music of the sport along with a surprise fiddle tune from a girl from Minnesota, Mary Laplant, in a segment about the hills of North Carolina.
(4) The great personalities and champions of the sport... Fireball Roberts, Richard Petty, Junior Johnson, and the 'Intimidator' Dale Earnhardt.
(5) Finally, the tragic death of many of the heroes, including Mr Earnhardt.

So enjoy the show, put your seat-belt on, and relish the beauty and excitement by the crazy 'White guys' of NASCAR!




May 4, 2013
The Eagles - 'The Best of Their Love'

This week Robert delves into the controversy surrounding the lives of the talented members of the country-rock band, The Eagles. Intertwined within this story will be some of the greatest music ever written and produced by a bunch of 'White guys' and the fine musicianship coupled with beautiful harmonies and melodies. But with this burgeoning paradise and success, there came a power struggle where no one can win and everybody loses... especially the millions of fans of the group.

Robert delves into:

• Their start from session musicians to an idea for a band.
• Leadership struggles and 'changing of the guard.'
• Replacing talent with more talent... if that is possible?
• Who and why Joe Walsh came about and his becoming an Eagle.
• Lawsuits, lawsuits, and more lawsuits...
• And finally, reforming of the band and future tours coming.

This is a journey into one of THE biggest selling acts in the history of music. Enjoy the music and the comical happenings of their story.



 April 27, 2013

Sheryl Crow - 'Beautifully White But Just a Mislead Pinky' 

This week on Rockin' the Music World with Robert Lloyd, Robert will be discussing the very beautiful and talented Sheryl Crow. This singer-songwriter from Missouri was a high-school athlete, straight A student, and a generally 'Little Miss Perfect!' Then her voice was used for some McDonald's commercials, and the rest was history? Well, it's not that simple, and she ain't so perfect. Robert will discuss:

(1) She went on tour with Michael Jackson and sang as a backup singer.
(2) She hung out on Tuesday night's with a group of fellow musicians and she and the guys made an album called "The Tuesday Night Music Club"..
(3) After a while some radio stations started to play a song off the album and then the Rolling Stones invited her to open one of their concerts.
(4) Yes, she WAS engaged to Lance Armstrong.
(5) Yes, she DATES date around... and NO, she's not married, but wants to be?

The music is great for this show and her politics and opinions are contradictory as all liberals are. But it is a fun show. Enjoy it.



April 20, 2013

Led Zeppelin - 'Certainly No Band of Angels'

This week Robert Lloyd talks about one of the bad boy bands 'Led Zeppelin' and their colorful members that have gone down in music history. This is a special 90 minute edition as the band's story was just too big for one hour. Very few groups, if any, can match the charisma, flash, and downright talent that these White boys brought to the music scene. With great songwriting, the finest musicianship, and a lead vocalist that possessed such a powerful voice, there was no stopping these guys.

The band set precedents in managing their business and took much of the power away from the record labels and into their own hands. It also helped that their manager was a former professional wrestler that stood 6 foot 5 and weighed over 300 lbs and had a temper to insure that he would get his way.

The band started small, but was quick to move up the ladder in England and then the world. Join Robert today and hear some of the best rock and roll ever recorded intertwined with some of the greatest stories in music history..



April 13, 2013 

James Bond (the music of 007)
With your host, Robert Lloyd

This is one of the 'fun' shows this week (well, aren't they all?). This is on the fabulous music of the James Bond series, and focusing on the life and times of the ultimate Bond, James Bond... himself, Sean Connery. From the creator Ian Fleming's imagination and his observations of real life spies of the Second World War, and then to finding the 'right chap' to play the part, this is just an exciting time in movies.

We will review the rough and tumble life of Sean Connery, the Scottish secessionist, Member of the British Empire award winner, and 'accused' wife beater (more on that in the show). We will also cover the controversy on who actually wrote the theme music for the series and who produced which songs... yes, there are arguments on everything. So whether you are a White Nationalist, or just a movie or music fan, this is your show.



April 6, 2013:

'Thomas Edison' - anti-Semitic, racist, inventor.
(Part 2 of 2)

If there was ever a great story to be heard on behalf of the White culture, and what we can accomplish, the story of Thomas Edison is it... as told by your host, Robert Lloyd. This two part episode, with drama, comedy and music, leaves no stone unturned as we look into the struggle for survival in business for Edison, and what he had to overcome to bring his inventions to the world. Of course this man invented the light bulb, but did you know he also invented the motion picture camera (movies!) and the phonograph? (music!)

Robert has a guest co-host for this show that can be downright obnoxious, but also has insight into personal happenings at the times these inventions came about! With music written by Robert specifically for and about Edison's life (for an eventual theatrical production), this story is one of the best. Enjoy the show... or show(s).




March 30, 2013

"Thomas Edison' - anti-Semitic, racist, inventor.
(Part 1 of 2)

If there was ever a great story to be heard on behalf of the White culture, and what can be accomplished, the story of Thomas Edison is it! This week we go into the first part of this two part drama (and comedy) on the life of Edison and what he had to overcome to bring his inventions to the world. This man invented the light bulb, but did you know he also:
• Invented the phonograph
• And the motion picture camera?
• And yet this great man had tons of failures and tons of critics.
• Even some of his own employees turned on him (Tesla)
• And at the time of Edison's death would use the occasion to ridicule the 'Wizard of Menlo Park.'

Robert has a guest host today that can be downright obnoxious, but at the same time has insight into personal happenings at the time these inventions came about! With music written specifically for and about Edison's life for an eventual theatrical production, this series is one of Robert's best. Enjoy the show...



March 23, 2013 

Bert Kaempfert- once again, a German composer!

This week we have the unlikely story of a captured German sailor (sitting in a Danish POW camp in 1945) and with no future whatsoever. Amid total destruction and despair, this fan of American big band music returned to Germany and rose to lead his own modern orchestra and to write some of the biggest hits of all time in popular music. Robert loves this guy and his show's story includes:

(1) Early in life and learning his trade as a young boy.
(2) Getting hired to arrange and produce records with Polydor Records after being a local favorite in the music scene in Hamburg.
(3) Becoming the FIRST producer to record the Beatles, yet being unimpressed with the lads from Liverpool.
(4) Helping Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra... and yes, even Wayne Newton, in their careers and finding those hit songs, even a famous American game show theme!
(5) Becoming a regular visitor to the Florida Everglades later in his life.

This show will have some of the best music of any show Robert has produced. And once again, we have another German composer that made the world a better place to live.



March 2, 2013

'Protest Music' - Not some silly little love songs!

Episode Notes: This week Robert talks of music close to the heart of all true fighters for political freedom. Many people can only think of the 1960s with the liberals leading the way in singing of protest, but the last 20 years has shown a reversal with the conservative artists way out front with singing the truth. This show is dynamite (pardon the expression) and talks about:

(1) Age old protesters including Beethoven and Wagner!
(2) A liberal woman preaching death and destruction during the War Between the Sates.
(3) The struggle in Northern Ireland and arresting of those daring to sing out in song.
(4) How did Paul McCartney get involved in writing protest songs after being accused of only having 'silly little love songs'???
(5) Who is the rock group 'Pokerface' and what's all the ruckus over their music?

Also, Robert himself gives several of his own protest songs for review. Join us in talking about this growing genre of music that actually 'says' something!



March 10, 2013 
Shania Twain - "She Feels Like a Woman!"

What a great week we have in-store for everyone that loves good music, a great story of struggle for success, and a touching fairytale romance to boot. Robert is talking about the great Shania Twain... a wonderful singer, songwriter, and person, all in one. This girl is not only talented, but is one of the best looking females on the planet, and with heart. She had the love for her siblings and raised them after a family tragedy took the lives of their parents. We are always hearing of people in the art world and their selfishness... but not here. Here are some of the things Robert will be talking about:

1) 'Eileen' raised in a small backwoods Canadian logging town.
2) Singing in bars as a small child for tips late into the night.
3) The ultimate nightmare of losing her parents and her being the oldest child.
4) Developing her talent and singing anywhere anyone would have her.
5) A future husband having gotten her phone number and calling her from across the ocean and falling in love before they ever met face to face.

This will be as fun of a show as any and will include some of the best music in all of pop-country music history. And here we go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

E-mail Robert at



March 16, 2013
Robert Lloyd- 2-Hour Special / Jimm Webb & John Prine
Robert has the biggest TWO hour special today in the history of his show! He has two of the most respected songwriters in America portrayed in all their glory... first up is the fabulous Jimmy Webb that has given us some of the biggest selling songs of all time, By the Time I Get to Phoenix, Wichita Lineman, Galveston, MacArthur Park, and many many more. This quiet man is the song of a preacher that broke into the music scene working initially for the Black owned Motown Records in Detroit.

Chicagoan John Prine is known as the singing mailman as he refused to quit his government job, a least for a while, even after gaining success with his hit songs. His songs are introspective, including the hit, Hello in There, being from the perspective of a seemingly forgotten older couple in their retirement years.


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