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Folkish Community Principle
A community based on its ancestry and its common culture is a better society to live in. We believe that our ethnicity and culture is vital and worthy of protection and promotion. We believe that we each have a personal responsibility to consider the good of our Folk and to assume a personal role in promoting and protecting it. We believe that each of us must work to keep our heritage and culture alive for our posterity.

Ancestry Principle
We are a community united by descent from common ancestry. We value OUR unique heritage and seek to maintain the rich and vibrant culture and society handed down by our ancestors. We each should strive to know about our OWN ancestry and commit to that which defines us and a folkish community and reject foreign contaminents not consistent with our culture, social norms, and traditional values.

Family Principle
Healthy families are the cornerstone of a folk society and its strength and prosperity is derived from them. We must support strong, healthy families. We want our children to grow up by mothers and fathers and to be to be mothers and fathers. We believe that those activities and behaviors which support the family should be encouraged while those activities and behaviors destructive to the family are to be discouraged and vigorously opposed and confronted, above all parents must assume a primary responsibility for the education and upbringing of their young.

Organization Principle
A disorganized community is a weak community. In the world we live in today, being disorganized leads to death. We must build our community and its ability to promote and defend our own interests. Our community must be able to focus resources and bring benefits to our members. We must be committed to building our own thriving folk communities, growing our own leaders and encouraging cooperation among our folk. The leadership roles of our community must be based on the best and the brightest and our leaders must be respected just as individual rights.

Personal Excellence Principle
One should strive to grow in capacity and wisdom. One should maintain good physical and health mental health and personal conduct. We should always know right and wrong and how to judge between the two. One should be well-read in in a wide range of subjects that will help understand and utilize a broad range of opportunities. One must strive to know how to apply what one has learned. We believe the pursuit of knowledge, the practice of skill, the building of family, and the leadership of men and women are worthy lifelong endeavors.

Honor Your Oaths Principle
Living an honorable life requires always fulfilling one's oaths. One must never enter into oaths lightly and must always weigh and fully understand the consequences of oaths before making them and live up to your obligations that result from oath making.

Traditional Warrior Principle
We should always be prepared to defend our Wives, Children, and Folk, with cunning and physical skill when, and if needed. Likewise, we should be intellectually prepared to stand against those who would seek to attack and destroy our culture, history, and way of life.

Purpose Principle
Living, loving, learning, thriving, and personal distinction is superior to acquiring personal wealth, greed, materialism, and prosperity at the expense of others. When pursuit of riches becomes the highest value, it undermines the sense of a National Community and clouds one's sense of honor and loyalty to one's Folk. We should grasp and experience exciting and challenging elements in life. We should always strive to transcend mundane human existence and minimal performance by cultivating our unique talents, gifts, experiences and relationships handed down by our ancestors, and by studying and preserving our culture, history, Lore, and blood. Above all we must always reject external distractions.

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ADOLF HITLER - 1889 - 1945

By Reinhard


 "My spirit will rise from the grave, and the world will see I was right" (Adolf Hitler)

Today is the one hundred twenty fifth birthday of the greatest Aryan of all time. The amazing thing about Adolf Hitler is that his reputation in the Jewish controlled nations (which is almost all of them) is just the opposite of reality. There has probably no Leader in the history of the world that has been lied about more than Hitler. The man who gave Germany and the German people a new life, and Europe a new beginning, has been so completely demonized that very few people realize that this Great Man stands practically alone, among Historic World Leaders as a man of Genius, Vision, and Courage.
The truth of Hitler's place in history can be discerned by looking at the condition of Germany before 1933, when Hitler took the reins of power. Hitler raised the German Nation up from the depths of despair and catapulted Germany into a new age of prosperity and strength. After a few years of the new barter system that Hitler instituted, Germany was the most powerful nation on the European continent, and one of the most powerful nations on Earth. Unfortunately, the usury free economic system of National Socialist Germany was not to be allowed to exist as a permanent fixture, as it would have transformed the world, and made the Jewish Usury System obsolete.
The Second World War was forced on the German Reich by the Jewish Money Power. Neither the leaders of American Jewish Capitalism, nor the leaders of Soviet Jewish Bolshevism desired to see a monetary system that by-passed the big Jewish Bankers, and based its economy on the productivity of the workers.
It must be remembered that the socialism of Adolf Hitler's Third Reich was in no way similar to the egalitarian socialism of Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, or Stalin. In Germany, the Race and the Folk were the basis of everything. "The Common Good before individual need" was the theme of the New Folkish State that Hitler established on the ruins of the decadent Wiemar Republic: a degenerate Jewish culture that probably rivaled the decadence of modern day America.
Comrades, this year, the birthday of this Great Aryan Leader falls on Easter Sunday. Let us resolve that Aryan Man will finally be resurrected and transformed into the Man of the coming Age of Light. Aryan man shall no longer be crucified on the Cross of the Jewish Usury System, but shall institute a New Social and Economic System that will be a Spiritual, as well as a material blessing for the totality of Aryan Humanity, and all other inhabitants of Planet Earth. HAIL THE RISING SUN OF ARYAN SOCIALISM. HAIL THE UNCONQUERABLE SUN!!!
ADOLF HITLER: Sieg Heil. Sieg Heil, SIEG HEIL!!!


 Glory of Aryan Athens in the Age of Pericles

By: Reinhard

The Periclean Age of ancient Athens lasted from the time of the Persian Wars to the Peloponnesian Wars, and was probably the time of the greatest explosion of Aryan Genius in human history with the possible exception of the Glory Days of the Third Reich. Without a doubt, the grandest symbol of the Golden Age of Athens is the Parthenon, the ruins of which still stand on the Acropolis. The city of Nashville, Tennessee (The Athens of the South) constructed a replica of this great monument in 1897 to celebrate the centennial of the founding of the city.
A Racial Comrade in the Struggle and myself visited the magnificent Parthenon in downtown Nashville. As soon as we approached the building, several Negroes and Negresses were doing some filming. It seemed to be a re-enactment of a Greek Wedding Ceremony and the Negroes were dressed in white togas and were gyrating and whooping it up so much that my Comrade and I could barely restrain ourselves from laughing. In the multi-racial insanity of twenty first century Nashville, it is important to portray the Black race as a race vastly superior to our own.
Eventually as we approached nearer to the front of the structure, the magnificent forms of Greek gods and goddesses began to appear at the top of the Monument. I have never seen anything so beautiful in my life. Mercury, Zeus, Aphrodite, Diana of the Hunt, Aries; all looking very Nordic, and many other Aryan warrior-gods posed in heroic form looked down upon the multi-racial masses that strolled through the park on that beautiful Fall afternoon.

Later we paid a small admission fee and entered into the interior of the Parthenon. There in the center of the Monument, stood the statue of Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom. Her deep blue eyes and golden blond hair left no doubt regarding her Aryan credentials. It would seem that since the Golden Age of Athens, Western Civilization has declined rapidly, except for that brief time from 1933 to 1945, when the great Aryan Genius, Adolf Hitler lifted the great Germanic Folk into the heights of Aryan Glory and Civilization.
Today, our Race is poised upon a new upward thrust into a Future so glorious that even Periclean Athens will fade in comparison. After we have overthrown the evil mechanisms of the Jewish Money Power and have given up Jew Christianity for a Spiritual Paganism, we shall again continue our upward march into the Light of a New Day.


The Final Conflict: War Between the Power of Darkness and the Forces of Light
By Reinhard


And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon, and the dragon fought and his angels, and prevailed not; neither was there place found any more in heaven. (Revelation 17: 7-8)

The events that are unfolding before our eyes in Ukraine are not merely a conflict between the United States and the Russian Federation. What we are now witnessing is the beginning of the FINAL CONFLICT between the Forces of Light and the Power of Darkness.

Vladimir Putin leaves much to be desired. He is essentially a Russian Nationalist, and by no means is he a friend of German National Socialism. He constantly makes reference to the Glorious Victory of the Soviet Union over the German "Fascists" during the "Great Patriotic War. In a way you can't blame him. Soviet Russia lost millions of people during that fratricidal conflict, That devastating war probably could have been avoided if more communication had taken place between Hitler and Stalin, but that was a long time ago, and what is done is done.

We White Nationalists know that the German armies that invaded the vast territory of the Soviet Union over seventy three years
ago sought the overthrow of the bloody Jewish Bolshevik regime that had destroyed the lives of so many Russian and Ukrainian people . The contrived famine of 1932 was a REAL Holocaust. Stalin's genocidal policies destroyed an entire generation of the finest elements of the Ukrainian Slavic population.

Fast forward to the year 2014. The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics is now only a memory. A New Russia has emerged out of the chaos of the last century. The days of the American puppet, Boris Yeltsin gave way to the leadership of Vladimir Putin, who, whatever we may think of him, is a STRONG AND COURAGEOUS LEADER. He means business and will not be pushed around by Mulatto Obama, or anybody else for that matter.

All white Nationalists, and all people of Good Will everywhere on earth pray that there will be a peaceful resolution to the current crisis, The Twentieth Century was a century of war and destruction unparalleled in the annals of history. The world is weary of war and destruction. We want to see a New Age of Peace, Progress, and Racial Renewal.

Today, the New Russia is taking a stand for FREEDOM. FREEDOM from American and Jewish domination. FREEDOM from the Rule of Money before the needs of the Common Man. FREEDOM to live, love, and grow materially and spiritually in a New World that shall be cleansed forever from the greatest foe that mankind has ever encountered: THE INTERNATIONAL JEWISH MONEY POWER.

Comrades, let us resolve to give our whole support to the Great Russian People, and the brave Soldiers, Sailors, and Airmen of the Russian Federation. Their Struggle is OUR Struggle. Their Victory shall be OUR Victory. LONG LIVE HOLY MOTHER RUSSIA. LONG LIVE FREEDOM. LONG LIVE ARYAN VICTORY. 14/88.


By Reinhard

The White Nationalist Movement in the United States is a relatively small movement. We are surrounded on all side by enemies who desire our destruction. In view of both our small numbers and the degree which we are constantly coming under attack by our mortal enemies, it seems
ludicrous that we spend so much time attacking members of our own racial community.

Our Aryan Race is by far, the most intelligent and creative race on the planet. With the exception of a few inventions by the Chinese, the White race has invented virtually EVERYTHING that has let to the progress of humanity out of the jungle and into the Light of Reason and Power.
Through the unique inventiveness of our Aryan Nordic Race, we have now achieved a degree of mastery over the elemental forces of Nature.. For this reason alone, if for nothing else, we must make sure that the Immortal Fourteen Words of David Lane are fully realized in the Twenty First

Our Mortal Enemy; The International Jewish Money Power has the intention of destroying the White Aryan Race through a process of miscegenation with Negroes and other lower races. They also are trying to destroy us morally and spiritually by promoting such dyslexic ideas as egalitarianism,
feminism, and the acceptence of homosexuality as normal and just another alternate lifestyle. Comrades, we must forever be on the alert to these lies, and strengthen our spiritual and moral muscles, so that we are stronger than the lies of the Enemy.

The problem of "The enemy within" may in the long run be a greater problem for our Race than the Enemy without. Our White Aryan Race is extremely individualistic. We tend to think for ourselves, rather than just go along with the herd. All other races think primarily
in collective terms. Even the lowly Negro thinks more in terms of how to advance the interests of his race than how to advance the individual Negro. In the long run, this may prove to be our greatest weakness as well as one of our greatest strengths.

During the Glory Days of National Socialist Germany, especially during the time between 1933 and 1940, the German People made remarkable progress in virtually every field; both scientific and social, under their Great Leader and Benefactor, ADOLF HITLER. Under National Socialism; which
means "serving the needs of the Folk Community before individual need", the Aryan Race in Greater Germany flourished as never before. Unemployment was virtually unknown. Germany had television networks as early as 1935, and National Socialist Scientists established a link
between lung cancer and smoking, when scientists in the USA didn't have a clue.

Probably one of the most important projects that Hitler's government brought about was a vast program of Eugenics. The goal was to improve the quality of the Germanic Nordic Race through a process of selective breeding whereby the best elements would have the most offspring, while
the least desirable elements had few children, or none at all.

Comrades, the primary point that has to be made is that at the present stage of history, we are still fighting the propaganda war under INCREDIBLE odds. The Enemy would like nothing better than to see us fight and bicker among ourselves over trivial points. Let's not give them the
opportunity. Let's put our small egos behind and work for the advancement of our Great Aryan Race. We SHALL overcome all odds. The time is now Comrades. LET US UNITE AND FIGHT. Hail Victory Edit Text





By: Rodney Martin, Director- World View Foundations

The greatest contribution and bequest European-American people can make to their Race and to any "Identity-Based Movement" is the contribution of, and the proper education of children. No amount of blogging, no amount of high quality podcasts, writing books and essays that regurgitate the problems, and no amount leafleting and marches can take the place of our primary responsibility to procreate. Having children with our racial kindred and most importantly, raising our children with proper and accurate racial consciousness is more important now than ever before. By 2025, "Americans" of European ethnicity will be the minority in terms of births in the United States. This is already the case in my state of California. My European-American wife (German-Irish) of 20 years and I (German-Scottish) have 5 children, all have been homeschooled. We have homeschooled our children for several reasons, primarily to assure our children have a quality education which instills a strong sense as to who they are and where they came from. We also homeschool for their safety and finally to nullify a government system which is immoral, which does not represent us and we no longer recognize. Today's education system is a multicultural blender with the top off. European-American parents must understand, the 14 Words mean nothing, if European-American parents do not really secure the existence (education) for our children. Simply procreating is not enough. (Download & Continue Reading...)

DOWNLOAD-"Homeschooling" HERE


 The Circular Firing Squads Must End
By: Rodney Martin, World View Foundations


The recent John Friend-Mike Delaney, Scott Roberts expose' demonstrated the entertaining and lethal "Circular Firing Squad" that has plagued our "Movement. I omitted the 4th person who nominally participated in the drama, a person who goes only by the name "Tom in Ct." because he really didn't participate, later blamed Mike Delaney for his lack of participation, and when he did, he quickly became Al Gore-like and quickly attempted to take as many positions as possible. "Tom" also represents an issue that causes even more problems. The ever present "Anon", "Sock Puppet" or "Fake-name Expert" "Tom", should not have been accepted as a participant. How do you acknowledge (and verify) the credentials of someone who seeks involvement in our Movement or a Debate, but refuses to state who and what they are? Our Movement is festooned with these wizards of intellect who dispense their wisdom from behind the curtain, some even charge for it. Even worse some fools even pay them for their wisdom. Anyone who seeks to influence our Movement should do so under their real name so our people may vet them for ethnic, intellectual and movement authenticity.
If there was ever an example of the Circular Firing Squad, the events of the last week to 10 days demonstrated it. So, effective was it, that others have rushed to join the circle and to what end?
Can anyone make heads or tails out of this Jewish dream come true?

Mike Delaney & Scott Roberts have been given credit for "exposing John Friend", yet this is not true. John, Mike and Scott remained on good terms after a lot of people became concerned back in May of this year when John declared Lee Rigby (the murdered british soldier beheaded by negroids) "never existed" and cited the Jew "108Morris108" as an authoritative source on the matter. John was blowing smoke then. John's Jewish inspired narrative then was identical to the one that played out last week on the "Great Prothink Debate". Conspiracy Theorists will side with any source that codifies their silly theories, and Jews are more than happy to provide them as much disinformation as their mental illness will absorb. Making their "conspiracies" work is more important to the conspiracy theorist than their "Race". The simple fact is personal friendships have long trumped our cause, this is and has been fatal and this is why our Ethno-Nationalist Movement is so compromised and easily infiltrated by undesirables. Our Movement cannot be a "hangout" for those who are NOT committed first and foremost to Race and those who seek to dilute and coopt our goals and objectives will distractions.

Carolyn Yeager grabbed her "e-riffle" and rushed to the circle to get a piece of the action declaring her suspicions that John Friend just might be "Jewish", this while having praised Glenn Miller who testified against his fellow Comrades, and after her self-appointed crusades against Mark Weber, Karl Radl , Deanna Spingola, and others, and despite raised eyebrows from many in the "Movement" (who have been sending a significant number of emails around) about the Jewish miscegenation within Carolyn's own network. NOTE: I have refused to forward and refused to print any of these anti-Yeager emails on my site. For the record when it comes to National Socialist Germany and the piss poor attitude expressed toward women by the men in our Movement, Carolyn and I agree 100%. Yeager however has also appointed herself a Roger Ebert-like Critic of other Radio Networks and Shows in our Movement, often poo-poo the style, form and substance of the "young guys" and criticizing who other networks have as guests or belittling listenership, this all the while ignoring the simple premise that the more Radio we have, even if it is just on the Net that conveys our message, ideas and history in a variety of methods is a GOOD THING. We need not mention each other UNLESS it is a compliment. This begs the question, should any of us really be rushing to open fire on any one in these circular firing squads? Who benefits by doing this? Is anyone really truly pure in the Movement and should anyone self-appoint themself as the Roland Freisler of our Movement?

I do NOT have all of the answers on all of these issues, but I will say that these Battle of the Blogs and Podcast pissing contests within our Movement have done NOTHING positive to advance our Movement. If they have, please show me how. In fact they have done more to fracture our Movement and prevent our successful advancement than anything Jews can possible do. It has been far too easy for many in our Movement to fight each other rather than fight the real enemy. If we had the same order, ethics and discipline that our enemies have, we would be winning.

I partially agree with Carolyn Yeager that there should be some "unforgivable sins" in our Movement. I would include miscegenation, beating your wife and children, sex crimes, drug use, informing on our Comrades, and throwing a Comrade under the Bus to make oneself look good in the eyes of our enemies as primary offenses. I am sure there should be more and accusations should be backed by evidence, not rumor, gossip and innuendo. One should be morally willing to back up ones slander against a fellow Aryan with a dueling pistol in the absence of evidence. Derek Black has committed an unforgiveable sin and so has Glen Miller.
Infighting over personalities, money and outright Movement Civil War over philosophical differences or "Movement Competition over donations and Alexia Ratings", i.e. my Show or Blog is better than yours is both juvenile, counterproductive and has got us now where.

Many people failed to realize that John Friend was in reality a Conspiracy Theorist and Libertarian and NOT an Ethno-Nationalist. Our willingness to "take anyone" is our fault and will continue to cause these type of systemic issues as long as we allow our ears to be tickled. Are John Friend's "theories" an "unforgiveable sin" and a "betrayal of our Movement", NO., because many have known about them for a long time and many choose to go along with them based on friendship at the expense of our Movement. If anything, the failure was on the part of those who refused to comprehend that John was never truly an Ethno-Nationalist and put personal friendship ahead of Ethno-Nationalism. I was initially taken in as well, but after working with John for a for a few months, it soon clear where his heart really was and thus there was no more John and I, much to the consternation of many (who took his side, but are now attacking him). There should be no "war" on John Friend. He needs to go his way (and away) and we must march on and learn from this. John was not one of us, he was a guest who became annoying and embarrassing.

The most phenomenal and above all tragic aspect of the entire Friend-Delaney-Roberts debacle is the sheer number of people who spent (and continues to spend) time arguing over "smoke machines", "actors" , "psyops", and "hoaxes" and really believes all of this rubbish is important and worth time and oxygen debating on forums and blogs at the expense of meaningful work. I see why so many males in our Movement are single. Just think how many people (good people) were run off who may have had a marginal interest in our Movement, but as a result of this twaddle said to themselves, "all these people are loons", and that I submit was the Jews objective and why Jews love it when we get in a circle and open fire.
Think about next time lock, load and point your e-riffle at a Comrade over something silly.
The solution is standards and understanding who and what an Ethno-Nationalist really is. 

We all need to take steps to address this, I have barred this subject on our American Nationalist Network, likewise I have deleted and will delete, all attack comments on Mike, Scott, Andre, Carolyn, et, all on my web site, and related social media. Whether others will follow suit is up to them, but I am not optimistic. The circular firing squad is just too irresistible as too often than not in the middle of the night our people sit in front of their key board and suddenly get a visit from Mr. Hyde. Perhaps we may just need a Knight of the Long Knives at some point in our Movement evolution.



The Origins of Indo-European Religion

Text of a talk delivered at the meeting of the London Forum on September 1, 2012.

Dr. Alexander Jacob

In the thirties of the last century, National Socialism sought to combat the economic regimes of Capitalism and Communism with doctrines of the primacy of race, and of the Germanic race in particular. This was of course partly a strategy to impose Germanic rule over the continent after the expulsion of the internationalist Jewish forces that had hitherto controlled it. Alfred Rosenberg's glorifications of the Nordic race in his Mythus des zwangisten Jahrhunderts, for example, were suited mainly for a Germanic Western Europe but they neglected the entire eastern part of Europe inhabited by Slavs and governed by an eastern Aryan culture. Today when Western and Central Europe and parts of Eastern Europe too are fully under the control of the American Jews through the trans-Atlantic economic and military framework of the European Union, it is important to continue the struggle undertaken by National Socialist Germany


Eugen Dühring

Eugen Dühring and the Jewish Question

Dr. Alexander Jacob

The radical disturbance of European society through the increasing influence and power of the Jews after their emancipation in Germany in the middle of the nineteenth century is witnessed by the publication of a spate of books in Germany towards the end of the century discussing the baneful social effects of the free participation of Jews in Europe. These works range from Wilhelm Marr's Der Weg zum Siege des Germanentums über das Judentum (The way to the victory of Germanicism over Judaism), 1879, to Werner Sombart's Die Juden und das Wirtschaftsleben (The Jews and economic life),1911. Eugen Dühring's Die Judenfrage (The Jewish question), written in 1881, presents the first comprehensive study of the problem of the rising Jewish mastery of European society and politics. His work is especially valuable in its ability to see through the veneer of culture adopted by the educated Jews and to expose their essential moral turpitude, and avarice, as what he called "descendants of traders in old wardrobes, scraps and cattle-bones".

Eugen Dühring was born in Berlin the son of a Prussian bureaucrat and studied law, philosophy and political economy at the University of Berlin. Although he began practice as a lawyer, he was forced to abandon it at the age of 28 when he was blinded through a congenital defect. He then began doctoral studies at the university and took his doctorate in 1861, two years after which he was appointed a lecturer in philosophy and national economy at the University of Berlin. He published works on national economy influenced by the doctrines of the German-American economist Friedrich List and the American Charles Carey, who were in favour of organic economics with a strong emphasis on protectionism and national interest. Already the ethical focus of his economic studies is evidenced in his early work, Der Wert des Lebens (1865). Further publications included his Natürliche Dialektik (1865), Cursus der National- und Socialökonomie (1873), and Cursus der Philosophie (1875). Dühring adopted a critical attitude to the university and its institutions from the start and was soon removed from his teaching post. He attributed this dismissal to the machination of the Jewish elements in the university as well as their influential agents in the press. His later publications as a private scholar included a work on Die Überschätzung Lessings und seine Anwaltschaft für die Juden (The overvaluation of Lessing and his advocacy of the Jews) (1881) and Die Judenfrage (1881). His last works, Waffen, Capital und Arbeit (1906) and Soziale Rettung (1907), were consolidations of his views on social and political economy.



The Aryan Christian religion and politics
of Richard Wagner

By: Dr. Alexander Jacob

"I am the most German being. I am the German spirit."
Richard Wagner

Richard Wagner (1813-1883) is today universally celebrated as the consummate exponent of nineteenth century German opera, whose developed Romantic idiom helped to usher in the musical innovations of Modernism in the early twentieth century. Most people, besides, have a general notion that he was a controversial figure on account of his pronounced anti-Semitic views. Few, however, take care to peruse his several prose works to understand the consistent ethical system, based on Schopenhauer and Proudhon, which accompanied the great musical dramas of Wagner. Since it is impossible to divorce the musician's mind from his music, especially when it is the exceptionally developed one of a genius such as Wagner, it would benefit us to have a clear idea of Wagner's racial-Christian doctrines of social and political regeneration alongside our easier appreciation of his overwhelmingly powerful music. Although there have been a few serious studies of Wagner's political thought in recent years, these are, understandably, of varying quality. It would, in general, be advisable to avoid classifying Wagner - as well as the more rhapsodic and unsystematic Nietzsche - under any of the modern "isms", and so I shall endeavour here to elucidate Wagner's philosophy by merely pointing to pivotal passages in his major prose works that illuminate the religious and political dimensions of his thought.

It may at the outset be stated that Wagner considers in his work only the history and culture of the Indo-European race since he considers it to be the most highly developed spiritually. Wagner tends to relate the strength of this spiritual faculty to the dietary habits of the original stock, that is, to what he believed to have been its original vegetarianism. In his late essay, "Religion and Art", written in 1880 under the influence of his reading of Arthur, Comte de Gobineau's Essai sur l'inégalité des races humaines (1853), Wagner traces the history of the Aryans from what he considers to have been their original home in India and posits a gradual migration westwards through Iran, Greece and Rome. In the course of these migrations, Wagner observes that the race has undergone a weakening of its spiritual force through a gradual conversion from vegetarianism to meat-eating, which latter custom has made the western peoples increasingly more violent in their social and historical conduct. Christianity is considered by Wagner to be a reversal of this trend in that Christ enjoined the peaceful cohabitation of peoples devoted to the cultivation of inner spirituality. Unfortunately, its intimate connection to Judaism has transformed original Christianity into a creed of belligerent rapacity and conquest which does not reflect the teachings of Christ so much as the exhortations of the old Israeli prophets to annihilate the enemies of Jehova.

Wagner's account of the progress of the Aryans is perhaps not entirely accurate since there is no certainty that the Aryans were first settled in India rather than in the regions around the Black Sea, along with the other branches of the Indo-Europeans Also, he tends to interpret the peculiarities of Zoroastrian religion and Greek as being due to the sociological conditions in which the Iranians and Greeks found themselves in antiquity. For example, he explains the dualism of the Zoroastrian religion as being due to the fact that the Aryans who had moved into Iran as conquerors after having become meat-eaters on the way from the gentler climate of ........



Indo-European culture and the American world-order

by:Dr. Alexander Jacob

"I wish to speak to you today about the current campaign towards establishing a one-world order under the hegemony of the United States. As you know, this internationalist effort indeed began shortly after the end of the second world-war when the old British Empire was transferred to the United States of America. The only major obstacle to the establishment of a one-world order at that time was the dominance in the East of the Soviet Union under Communist rule. Now that the Communist regime in the former Soviet Union has crumbled, the task of expanding American influence under the guise of capitalistic democracy has been greatly facilitated, even though there are still pockets of Communist resistance in the Far East.

The rise of fundamentalist Islam has begun to pose a new menace to the American enterprise but the example of the purchase of Egyptian, Saudi and Pakistani support for the American cause with enormous foreign and military aid is a sign that the Moslem nations are not all equally united in their struggle for Islamic independence. It is to be seen what effect the resistance to America in Iraq and Palestine will have on the juggernaut of capitalistic democracy that seeks to ride brazenly through the world. However, I believe that the surest bulwark against the devastations of capitalistic materialism is that which can be offered by Europe and the Old World, in other words, by the Indo-European nations. The aim of my talk is to point to the strengths that the Indo-Europeans alone possess to stop the deleterious cultural invasions of a commercial international order which seeks to effect global unity regardless of the laws of Nature and Spirit....



The significance of Alfred Rosenberg in the age of Jewish-American globalism
By: Dr. Alexander Jacob

The current campaign towards establishing a one-world-order under the hegemony of the United States is a clearly ruinous one since it is directed primarily by the alien rulers of American policy, the Jews, one of whose most serious faults is the sinister mediocrity of their mind itself. To illustrate this we may begin by considering the religious outlook of the Jews, which is completely devoid of mythological value and, rather, portrays the historical destiny of the Jews as the destiny of the entire world which will be ruled by the so-called "chosen people" of the Jewish God, Jehova. Already in the late nineteenth century, the English cultural historian H.S. Chamberlain had noted that the materialistic attitude of the mind of the Jewish scribes is clearly evident in their transformation of the elaborate mythological speculations of the Sumero-Akkadians into a mere historical record of the Jewish tribe itself:

The fantastically scientific ideas in Genesis, concerning the origin of the organic world, the profound myth of the fall of man, the theory of the development of man upto the first organisation of society [which was originally the mythical and symbolical conception of an imaginative people (probably the Sumero-Accadians)] ... all that became `history' [in the hands of the Jews] and thereby it at the same time lost all significance as religious myth; for the myth is elastic, inexhaustible whereas here a simple chronicle of facts, an enumeration of events, lies before us. That is materialism ... with this view of religion only practical ends are pursued, no ideal ones.



YES- "Holocaust" Revisionism is Relevant
Rodney Martin
World View Foundations

On January 7, 2009 the IHR (Institute for Historic Review), published an Essay titled, "How Relevant is Holocaust Revisionism?" The Essay was authored by IHR Director, Mark Weber, who I am acquainted with and who I very much enjoy discussing history with. The IHR is an Organization I have supported in the past both financially and logistically sponsoring meetings in San Diego and Nevada. In his 2009 Essay, Mr. Weber essentially opines that Holocaust Revisionism is a waste of time, since it has not received significant "traction", an inaccurate assumption on the part of Mr. Weber. Weber goes on to state that "Revisionism" essentially is a meritless pursuit and a "change of direction" should instead be opposing "Zionist Supremiscism". Frankly one need not abandon one to pursue the other......



By Rodney Martin, World View Foundations

In 1936 the so called "Spanish Republic" was proclaimed, the result being a Marxist State that embarked on a reign of terror, to purge all aspects of centuries of Christianity and Western Culture from a very religious (Catholic) Spain. Under the "Spanish (Marxist) Republic", all economic activity in Spain was centered on the State (government). Government sanctioned Marxist Militias roamed Spain murdering Priests, Nuns and religious groups in religious purges on a scale that made Stalin proud. The Republican Government of Spain (Marxists) in so doing destroyed the economy and moral of the Nation. Over 7000 Catholic Priests and Nuns were murdered by the Marxists. In 1936 the "Spanish Republic" formally declared itself a Marxist Republic with only 34% of the vote. Joseph Stalin in the Soviet Union embraced the "new" Spain and Pravda declared Spain an "ally of the Soviet Union and a Soviet Socialist State. Spain had become the very first Soviet satellite in Europe, ten years before the start of the Cold War.

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By Rodney Martin, World View Foundations

A news story broke that has so far received very little media attention, or shall I say not nearly enough attention as it should. Christians who get their gospel from Fox News and AIPAC will say nothing. Christians who comprehend Scripture and history will see this for what it truly is.

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"The Hidden War"

Dear Mr. Martin,

I have heard your interviews for a couple of years now and have really enjoyed and learned a lot from your vast knowledge
imparted in those talks. I recently went to your website and discovered the veritable treasure trove of articles and videos. Your
work has helped me to get beyond the pc "truth movement" and get to the real facts and I just wanted to tell you that I appreciate that.

You have done a lot of excellent work.

I am a father, husband, painter and musician and devote as much time as I can spare to learning more about what the real story is and how we
got to where we are today. I am sending you a song I wrote about Dresden in 1945 and the absolute atrocity that took place there. It is
called The Hidden War. I just wanted to share it with you.

Anyway, keep up the great really makes a difference.


LISTEN: "The Hidden war"

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